Gallery Spaces & Catacombs

St George’s Hall has recently developed seven galleries and catacombs in the basement of the building. These areas were only discovered in 2012, having not been used previously in the Hall’s entire history.


The galleries bring to life the former cell, store corridors and even a former Doctor’s surgery, enabling visitors to see into the oldest parts of the building. The spaces also facilitate local, national, and international exhibitions.


The Hall has a myriad of large arched subterranean catacombs in the basements. Their original purpose had been to circulate the air for the world’s first commercially air conditioned building, but now these spaces form a fundamental part in the Hall’s event programme, hosting numerous promenade performances as well as providing the perfect backdrop for major film and TV productions such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Peaky Blinders and Coronation Street.